I enjoyed your observation of Thranduil being blind... Just one flaw, if he is blind how can he take part in the battle of five armies?

Thanks! And I don’t know how movie canon will handle the battle of five armies, so I can’t say. I don’t believe this was book canon, it’s definitely a movie thing, and nothing I can think of in the movies that are currently out contradicts it. However, he did lead an army out to Erebor in the first movie before nopeing out at Smaug, so I presume in much the same way (only, you know, not leaving early). I’d guess that his mount is well-trained and can handle battle situations, and he can defend himself close-range using his other senses, as he proved himself proficient with a sword even while not seeing his target. Other than that he’d probably be there to direct his army, and perhaps not fight on the front lines. Though then again he might, he’s clearly experienced in compensating for this, and he’s prideful and loath to show any weakness.

I eagerly await the next movie to see how it’ll be handled, and if my theory will be directly confirmed, remain plausible, or be outright Jossed. It’s really a fun theory for me either way.

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